Brian Forgach CONNECTIONS Bio

Published On: September 07, 2012

National Accounts Manager

Years at Bay: 5

Quick facts:
Grew up in Strongsville, now resides in Medina, OH. Attended Cleveland St. Ignatius High School. Received B.S. from Kent State University. Married to beautiful wife Erin. Has a crazy Great Dane, Lucy.

What are your favorite three hobbies?
Listening and playing music, flying airplanes, and vacationing.

You have to give up one food forever and eat only one forever. What would they be?
I would give up zucchini and eat fried chicken forever.

What are your proudest accomplishments professionally and personally?
Professionally my proudest accomplishment is working for Bay Corporation as a National Accounts Manager. I really enjoy the interaction with our entire customer base. My proudest personal accomplishments would be running the Akron Marathon, receiving my pilot's license, and winning a Div. I High School Football National Championship. Go Wildcats!

Best and worst summer job?
Best was being an airport ramp agent signaling planes in while the worst was driving the campus bus at Kent State.

What are your favorite things about Cleveland/NE Ohio?
Four Seasons, Rock and Roll Capital, and of course – the Browns.

Eat a worm or go bungee-jumping?
Eat a worm, especially if it's at the bottom of a tequila bottle.

Be a cat or a dog?
Dog, they have the life!

What was your favorite thing about your favorite vacation destination?
The beaches in Mexico

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Commercial airline pilot

What is one thing that nobody knows about you?
I like to eat the top of Blueberry muffins and throw out the bottoms.

Who will be the first Cleveland sports team to win a championship this century?
Here we go Brownies.....Here we go! Woof Woof........need I say more?

If you could have the ability to teleport for one day, where would you travel?
Australia, I have always wanted to go but don't have the time and patience for a 22 hour flight.

If you could have the superpower of your choice, what would it be?
To make things freeze.

Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?
So sour cream manufacturers can make more money and move product!


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